Hi, I'm Allison. Founder of Encelia Hair

My Uplifting Alopecia Story

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I designed the most comfortable workout wig so that I could get back to doing the things that I love without hair.

Founder of Encelia Hair
Hi, I'm Allison

My hair loss story began in 2018, when my life changed unexpectedly, during the eighth month of my second pregnancy, when I developed Alopecia Universalis - total hair loss.

Like so many women, I found wearing wigs to be hot, itchy and the fit was awful. I quickly discovered that there were zero comfortable active wig options so I created one, Encelia Active | The Original Workout Wig.

I believe women with hair loss deserve more than one option (the standard wig). My promise is to create high-quality, multifunctional wigs that empower women with hair loss to live their best lives without hair!